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The awakening of an African giant

The Democratic Republic of Congo, like many other emerging countries around the world, is looking at infrastructure development as a springboard to economic development and job creation - infrastructure investment is now more compelling and urgent for a country that has seen the first peaceful transition of power.

Infrastructure investment provides both short and long-term economic benefits. In the short term, it creates jobs and economic activity as roads, bridges, hospitals, schools, power plants are built. It creates an ecosystem that allows construction and related services companies to work and create jobs.

Ben Leyka, DRC Invest Chief Executive Officer said "DRC is not looking to simply revive its construction sector, but seeks to rapidly increase the scale of investments into infrastructure projects to revive its development ambitions. Our goal is to work with both the provincial and national government to introduce stimulus packages that will boost government and private sector infrastructure spending”.

DRC Invest identifies investment ready projects that have been fully developed in energy, healthcare, water, transport, ICT infrastructure etc. and secure the necessary capital as we promote DRC as an investment destination. “We intend to pursue ambitious transformation targets to awake an African giant” said Mr Leyka.

Infrastructure development is a long term process that requires a clear strategic focus, favourable policies and plenty of capital - DRC Invest and its partners are pleased to launch the inaugural DRC Investment Summit. The Summit is a global meeting place for investment in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) - bringing together global investors, businesses, developers, government officials and policy makers to attract and retain investment as well as discuss trends that influence economic growth in the DRC.

The inaugural Summit, taking place from 27 - 29 June 2022 in Kinshasa, will bring over 1250 high level participants targeting over US$10 Billion worth of investment as we present the country as an investment destination, highlighting its commitment to a market economy, where obstacles to private investment are removed. DRC is open for business and it is moving towards business friendly policies and engagement.

While the potential that the country offers is undoubted, the question remains: will it be achieved? Businesses and governments will need to work harder to capture the opportunity; the country’s productivity and growth will be driven by both governments and businesses by focusing on mobilizing more domestic resources, aggressively diversifying the country’s economy, accelerating infrastructure development, deepening regional integration, creating tomorrow’s talent and entrepreneurs, formulating financially informed policies, ensuring healthy urbanization and attracting public and private investment.

The DRC Invest team will present infrastructure projects to investors around the globe during the upcoming investment roadshows, trade missions, working groups and private meetings - all of which will take place months leading up to the much anticipated DRC Investment Summit. For project submission and more information about the Summit, please contact Cindy Euston-Brown at

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